Professional Realisation of Pension Rights and Benefits

Welcome to IBA

Extensive market research has identified that Insolvency Practitioners require a professional solution  to the Realisation of Pension Rights and Benefits.

Inigo Bankrupts Assets Limited (IBA) has been developed with the specific goal of purchasing from you all Pension and Annuity contracts, Pre May 2000

IBA  provides for the first time a solution driven by an in depth knowledge of those Insurance Companies who provide the Pension Fund Schemes and Annuities. Supported by a bespoke in-house administration system we will deliver to you a service second to none.

Our Team of Sales Consultants based throughout the UK have a vested interest in supporting you at a local level to ensure you experience the level of service you expect from fellow professionals.

We look forward to working closely with you to purchase your Pension and Annuity contracts. The first step is to complete our Enquiry Form and one of our consultants will contact you.

Our professional advisers are:

Inigo Bankrupts Assets Limited
PO Box 260,
Hythe, Kent.
CT21 9AH